Monday 7 February 2011

Jentene på Flatholmen

This statue stands by the harbour in Tananger, and commemorates the bravery of sisters Ester (15) and Bertine (12), known now as the "Flatholmen girls".
It was a stormy day in January 1894 when these two girls tried to save their lighthousekeeper father and two brothers from drowning. Returning from a trip ashore the father and sons were trying to get back to the isolated lighthouse on Flatholmen Island, where the lighthousekeeper had left his two daughters and baby son alone. Seeing their boat capsize in heavy seas, the two girls quickly launched a small rowing boat and managed to rescue one brother (aged 8). Sadly their father and the other brother perished.
Despite being four fatherless children alone, and cut off by the storm, they lit the light that night in Flatholmen Lighthouse.


  1. I am so glad to have found this photo - Esther was my great grandmother (she passed before I was born) But I know the story well & have been trying to find a photo of it for years. It is a bit strange as she & her sister look much as my sister & myself did when we were young! I am Lisa H. Olsen great granddaughter. Tusand Takk

    1. Lisa, how lovely to read your comment and to learn that this photo is so personally meaningful for you. There is another photo of your great-grandmother's statue on this blog here:
      I used to live just a few minutes from Tananger Harbour and also took many shots of Flatholmen Island which show the house where she would have lived and the lighthouse itself, like this one:
      You can look for more by using the search box in the top left hand corner of the screen - just type "Flatholmen".
      Hilsen, Elizabeth Gyurgyak